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New Zealand Year 2 maths resources

Below is a collection of free resources that can be used to teach the skills students are expected to know in Year 2. Want to add to this list? Email [email protected].

Doubling and halving

Doubling is the process of making twice as much of something, or two lots of it. For example, if I wanted to double 6 sweets, I would add another 6 sweets to make 12. I would have twice as much as I did before.

Halving is the process of splitting into two groups and removing one of them. If I wanted to halve my 6 sweets, I would split them into 2 groups of 3, and get rid of one group. I would be left with 3 which is half of 6.

More or less by 1

Identify basic fractions

Fractions can be a tricky concept for students to first grasp. Starting with splitting up shapes and foods like pizza or cake is a great introduction to fractions.

To start with, it's important to break down what a fraction is: a small part of a whole.

It's also important to understand the parts of a fraction. The bottom number is called the "denominator" and tells us how many pieces there are in total. The top number is called the "numerator" and tells us how many pieces we actually have. So if we take 2 slices of a pizza that has 8 slices, we have 2/8 of the pizza!