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Three, Two, One

321.plus is a free collaborative mathematics game made for the classroom. Your students can answer questions together as they practice their mental maths skills!

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Personalised questions for every skill level

Each student gets their own questions. Our AI responds to students' answers in real time, making sure questions are not too hard or too easy.

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Collaborative, not competitive

Your students work together to see how many questions they can answer as a class.

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Only 5 laptops in a classroom of 20? We can work with that

With turn-taking, one device can have any number of children on it. One student answers a few questions, and then they're prompted to pass to the next one.

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What people are saying

Kids LOVED it. They loved the mix… division, multiplication, everything together :)
Monica (teacher)
The questions were just right for the stage my kids are at
Clive (teacher)
I loved how when you got it wrong it helped you to keep trying
Nafas (child)


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