Build your students’ confidence in maths

Polymath gets students excited to practice maths in the classroom! How? It’s adaptive, giving each student the questions they need to focus on, and it’s fun without being distracting!

Polymath was made in collaboration with teachers and is designed to work for your classroom. Play together, independently, at the beginning of class or at the end.

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We really enjoyed playing Polymath today! The kids are really excited to have a new maths game to play and compete with.


WOW! What an awesome game!!! The kids loved it and you'll see that they played 3 full games in total. They really enjoyed it. We loved it and they want to play it again tomorrow! :)


The kids loved it and begged to play more.


We loved the game. I have differentiated for my kids abilities and that worked beautifully.


It was pretty cool.


We loved it! Favourite thing for the learners was keeping the accuracy up and answering more questions than the previous round (goal oriented!!!) Thanks for creating it!


The class made us play 3 times as they loved it!


The students really enjoyed it. It's good how each question is matched to their ability.


The kids absolutely love Polymath. Great job making it engaging for the kids and an easy sell for teachers.


The children absolutely loved playing the games.


I introduced Polymath to three different classes this week. All the children really enjoyed the games and were impressed that it would give them questions to suit their learning.


The kids loved it, it was so easy to set up too.


The game was awesome, we spent a Friday afternoon playing it!! - Maths on a Friday afternoon - unheard of!


It was great. There was a lot of talk about what they found easy and challenging. I really liked the multi level choice of easy or hard.


I have really embraced Polymath since hearing about it last week. We have been using it everyday as a warm up for our multiplication lessons.


Polymath was great! My tamariki loved it and it was easy for them to use.


Hey! I’m Pol, your guide to everything Polymath and your students’ new maths mate! Here’s what makes Polymath a little different…

Adaptive learning

Polymath’s adaptive algorithm means each student gets the questions they need in order to improve. Whether ahead or behind, they’ll be able to learn at their own pace while still taking part in the class.

Never competitive

Collaborating with the whole class or working independently means students are focused on their own growth or the improvement of the whole team! Making Polymath a positive learning environment.

Made for teachers

Share devices between students. Insightful reports. Quick to start. Set students in the same class to different levels. We made this for teachers, with teachers, and your feedback is constantly improving the app.

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Fun fact: the student app is called “321” because when we were working with schools, we needed a super short URL for kids to type! So… was born!