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Your child can love math

Polymath is the free app that makes math fun and engaging for your kids. Then, we give you all the controls and actionable insights in your very own parent app.

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Your child will love the Polymath app

Polymath is making math fun, engaging, and easier to learn. Giving kids a safe space to practice math, where mistakes are embraced as learning opportunities.

Each child’s experience will be completely their own with our AI personalising their learning to suit their needs.

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We can tell you how your child is doing in math

What is a 7 year old supposed to know? Is your child ahead and needs more stimulation? Is your 9 year old struggling to keep up in the classroom?

We hear you.

Polymath Relate is the parent studio that evaluates your child’s learning ability based on their math practice, empowering you to help them grow and foster a positive relationship with math.

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