Numbers aren’t just for nerds

We hear ya! (and we hear your kids), maths is too hard, it’s too easy, and sometimes it’s just kind of boring...

Polymath is the maths game that meets your kids where they’re at.

Personalised learning and fun means you can be confident that your child is getting the learning experience they deserve (and one they’ll actually want to do).

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Everyone deserves to get maths

Maths is super important! It isn’t just necessary for certain careers, it’s a life skill that applies to most of the daily activities adults have to do! That’s why Polymath is giving kids the best opportunity to become confident with it.

We believe it’s wrong to focus on attainment while kids aren’t interested in maths at all! That’s why we start with fun, building motivation and confidence. Then we go full steam ahead, challenging kids to tackle trickier topics in a positive way.

Adaptive maths questions aligned to your curriculum. Our algorithm knows just what your child needs.
Reporting on progress from home and at school. That’s right, wherever your child is using Polymath, you can see their growth.
Inspiring your child and showing them how fun maths can be with interactive learning and playing with friends.

Polymath+1 fits into your life

Things are better when you plus one

A step in the right direction each day is all it takes. Plus One means it fits around your family.

30 minutes while their sibling finishes swim practice?

5 minutes while waiting for a hot choccie at a cafe?

15 minutes in the car on the way home?

Plus one means we’re trying. Plus one means we’re improving. When we improve, things get easier. When things get easier, we enjoy it more. When we enjoy it more, we can learn more!

Every Plus one is a step in the right direction.

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