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New Zealand Year 3 maths resources

Below is a collection of free resources that can be used to teach the skills students are expected to know in Year 3. Want to add to this list? Email [email protected].

Double digit and single digit addition

Skip counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s

Skip counting is a great way to start multiplication. By learning to count up in groups of numbers, students can start practicing their times tables. Skip counting involves skipping the amount of numbers you're counting up in.

For example, if you are skip counting in 2s and start at 0, you would count 0, [1], 2, [3], 4... and so on.

If you are skip counting in 5s starting at 0, you would count 0, [1], [2], [3], [4], 5, [6], [7], [8], [9], 10... and so on.

Logical reasoning and guess the number

Using logical reasoning, students can guess the number based on initial information.

For example:

The number I'm thinking of is a multiple of 4, greater than 16 but smaller than 24. (I am 20)

I am an even number. I have a five in the tens place. You do not say me when you count by tens. I am greater than 0 but less than 54. (I am 52)

Tom 16. Emma is 1 year younger than Tom and 3 years younger than Matt. How old is Matt? (Matt is 18)

Count to 1000

Converting between numbers and words

For example:

1 becomes "one"

2 becomes "two"

10 becomes "ten"

20 becomes "twenty"

45 becomes "forty-five"

129 becomes "one hundred and twenty nine"